Welsh Occult Conferences.

DragonOak Leader Sian Sibley is the organisor of workshops and Occult conferences.  DragonOak tries to ensure that all workshops and conferences are inclusive and priced at the lowest possible range to allow anyone interested to participate in these amazing days.

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Next Occult Conference

Our Next offering is an amazing conference in the center of Cardiff in Wales.

Speakers include

Room 1

Kristoffer Hughes - Druid and Author

Bob Plimer - Dr. in Classics & Philosophy, and a member of the Ordo Typhonis.

Sian Sibley - Traditional Witch and Leader of DragonOak

David Rankine - Author and Occultist

Sorita D'Este - Author and Publisher.

Ben Turale - Alchemist

Alyster Austin - Chaos Magician

Mhara Starling - Author of Welsh Witchcraft.

Ness Bosch - Traditional witch, Shamaness and priestess.



Room 2

Cristina Pandalfo - Dianic Priestess, Esoteric Herbalist and Plant Spirit Healing practitioner

Nerodia Jones - DragonOak Coven - How to make and use Witchbottles

Lucy Greenwood - Magical Women's conference.- Basic Geomancy workshop

Halo Quin - Author and Magical Pracitioner

Soror Brigantia - Carrying the Lantern- the Role of Compassion in Magick

Andrew Phillip Smith - The Dyn Hysbys and the Tylwyth Teg: Pages from the Notebook of a Welsh Cunning Man

Issa Shamana - Gender, Wicca and the Diverse Coven Space.

Janis Fry - Yew Historian.

Red K Elders - Artist and Somatic Movement Facilitator

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Entrance to all lectures is £30.

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