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About us


The main focus of DragonOak is the development of techniques to awaken latent mental powers and senses. We teach members to make and use the witch's tools. We teach basic herbalism, healing, divination, astrology, dowsing, firemaking, and other skills that are useful to a witch. We train members to eventually lead their own covens. We do this through lecture, mental training exercises, hands-on workshops, memorisation, writing, and performance of basic ritual in a group setting.

We offer training in the following areas traditional witchcraft, hermetics and esoteric studies such as Tarot, Esoteric astrology, Alchemy, Angelic and Kabbalistic ceremonial ritual techniques the Greek magical papyri and how to include them in your magical pracitse.  Geomancy, pyromancy and other divination technques.    We work with various systems including the PGM and the arabic system of the mansions of the moon. 

We follow one version of the Wheel of the Year, a myth which attempts to explain seasonal changes. We acknowledge and/or celebrate those seasonal changes at what we refer to as the Four Greater and the Four Lesser Sabbats. These are Samhain, Yule, Candlemass, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas , Autumn Equinox.. To DragonOak, the sun is represented by the God, and many of the Sabbat festivals revolve around him and his relationship with the Goddess..

DragonOak stresses polarity and fertility. The God and the Goddess are equally important to us.

DragonOak limits personal training to people who are over 18 years of age. 

DragonOak offers distance learning through our online course.  


What is our philosophy?

We believe that the universe is a manifest being who has developed agencies through which to investigate itself.  We are one of those agencies


 We believe that all life is sentient on one level or another and no life should be considered less sacred than another.

We believe in reincarnation, nothing is wasted or destroyed it is just changed from one form to another.

 We believe that we are responsible for the development of our own universe.  We live in separate perceptual universes joined by an accepted social reality.  In my universe it is acceptable for you to find your own way to the light of knowledge and illumination, however in the universe of the Pentecostal evangelist this is unacceptable.  Problems arise when one person tries to impose their universal laws onto another persons universe.  


We beleive that working with the ancestors, genus loci and plant and animal spirits as well as working with the divine allow you to understand the universe and thereby understand yourself. We believe that all things have value for their own self, rather than value for what they can bring us either in profit or in possesions.   


We try to live in an ecological way and provide services for our community.  This means that our workshops, conferences and training are always put at a price that is well within reach of all people who are searching., if you are somone who cannot afford even those prices please contact us and we can get something sorted for you.

We do not believe in pushing our faith on anyone else as it is our belief that the individual should come to the realisation of the great work on their own and that influencing the development of another before they are ready to take that step can actually do them harm.

We do not believe in the threefold law or the Law of Harm none these are both nonsensical and not physically possible when living magically in the world, nor do they actually obey the laws of nature.



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