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Funeral Ceremonies

Funeral Services

Oaklight celebrants deliver touching, unique and personal ceremonies for your loved ones at their funeral. Working closely with Funeral Directors, we provide sympathetic and respectful home visits to help you develop a funeral service that reflects the life of the person who lived.


We spend as much time with you as you need, to help you develop the service with music, poems, readings, hymns and prayers. You can choose to have hymns that resonate with your family and childhood, or more popular or classical music that evokes precious memories of special times, or a combination of both.  In your most difficult time, we will support and comfort you.


We naturally encourage as much participation by family and friends as emotionally possible at the time. However, we are experienced at writing eulogies (tributes) and can deliver them for the family at the service when requested to. We are there to help and support you, not take over unnecessarily.


Our funerals work on the basis that we respect everybody’s beliefs and spirituality, but ultimately the content of the funeral service will be of the family’s choosing.


As Civil Celebrants, we provide services that sit comfortably between a fully religious service and a humanist ceremony that has no religious content at all.


We offer Wicker Caskets as shown for use in Funeral services or the family may use a casket of their choice.


Oaklight can provide servies at local crematoriums, Churchyards or at the local Natural Burial grounds in the area.


Oaklight celebrants will work in concert with your funeral director to fulfil the last wishes of the deceased and those of the family in mourning.


If you would like your Eulogy or obituary published for people to sign a book of condolence, we can accomadate that .

Funeral Gallery

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