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Oaklight Celebrancy Services.

Baby Naming Ceremonies


Baby Naming Ceremonies are a wonderful way to welcome new children, whether they are babies born into the family or children adopted into the family.


If you are considering naming your child but you already know that a Christening is not right for you. then a Naming Ceremony is a perfect solution.


Naming Ceremonies involve you making a commitment to the responsible and loving parenting of your child, and your friends and family committing to support you in that process and, importantly, to support your child.


Your naming ceremony will be written to your specifications, it can include many beautiful symbols such as rose or tree planting, balloon release, sand ceremony, unity candles and treasure boxes amongst others.



A wonderful way to bring an adopted child into the family is to share in the celebration of their arrival.  Members of your family will make vows to help the child adjust and feel loved in their new life. This also gives the parents a chance to give the child a new name in a formal ceremony.


It is a truly beautiful thing to do.

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