Well this is all new and funky

I am sitting here today thinking about how much the pagan community has changed during my time within it.

When I started walking this path, a while back, I think there were dinosaurs, there was no internet, there was pagan dawn and the odd moot. (God bless neath moot in the Burrough arms)

Now if you throw a bun you can hit a pagan site. This in my opinion is fantastic. It means we are growing up, we are accepting ourselves and others are accepting us, even though this may be a grudging forced acceptance.

So this new page is a very new venture for me its scarey and exciting at the same time.

So please use this page as you see fit.

I am going to try to use this blog as an ongoing diary of all things dragony.

There will also be others posting on here as guests so hopefully we can get some different perspectives on here too.

If you want to contribute to the site send me a blog and if its suitable I will include it here.

Light and love


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