The descent of Innana

I have just finished running a ritual workshop called the descent of innana

It was a way of using alchemical myth to start the transformative process for workshoppers who had never worked in this way before.

I found the workshop partiuclarly moving as my mother had passed away the week before and it got me working through some of my own stuff.

It made me think of all of the ways that we distance ourselves from each other. The way that we use excuses, and make a fuss of things that actually dont mean that much.

In reality we dont tell each other enough that we love each other.

Its seen to be trite or patronising or even sloppy.

My mother had many many flaws but she was a very loving person and my one regret is that I may not have told her I loved her enough. Though I spent the last 6 weeks of her life telling her repeatedly, I think that maybe it did not make up for the lack, I hope it did.

In the descent of inanna we have the passage through the gates which show the descent of divine into the reality of the universe.

On the way we try to identify and balance the vices and virtues of each of the gates.

At Saturn we look past our self imposed limitations and move out of the inertia that holds us all in thrall.

At jupiter we work with the greed that sometimes stops us from being genorous

In Mars we try to combat the anger and lack of drive that sometimes holds us in situations that are not good for us.

In Venus we work with the lack of self love and the need to be controlling of love in and of others.

In the moon we work with the illusions that prey on the minds which create them

I will put the presentation onto the library page if you are interested in seeing the background for it.

If you want the ritual you will have to contact me to get it.

But I warn you its a really hard ritual with lots of emotions bubbling to the surface.

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