I see your Pixie and raise you a Dwarf

What on earth are we doing to our fairy tales.

Fairy tales of old fell into three distinct catergories.

The first was a moral tale. This was a tale to prevent children or for that adults from indulging in behaviours that could put them at risk of death or disease.

An example of this is little red riding hood.

Red goes to see granny, wanders into the wood

becomes a little careless and gets eaten by the wolf.

Moral - dont go into the wood and fuck about.

Another was the little boy who cried wolf

Little boy in charge of sheep

gets bored and runs to the shepherds crying that the wolf has come to kill the sheep

Shepherds get manly and go to fight the Wolf.

No Wolf, just a bored child

Result - Pissed off shepherds.

This happens several times until at the last the Wolf does actually come

Boy screams for help

Shepherds ignore the bleating little bugger

Result - Nice crunchy snack for the wolf and no more little boy.

Moral - Dont Winge, do your Job and dont tell lies..

The second type was a class warfare tale.

For example

The little Mermaid

Little mermaid princess, sees human prince.

Wants him

Cant have him

Goes to evil witch and sells her Voice for a pair of legs

As an extra added bonus that as she walks she feels as if she is walking on Glass.

She gets Three days to get him to kiss her with love

He does not

She turns to Foam on the water.

This actually says that if you leave your social class, and try to enter one that is above you

You will be unheard and ignored, it will be very uncomfortable for you

No one will love you

and eventually you will dissappear as if you never were there at all.

It was a tale about social mobility, to make sure that the dirty working class stayed in the box that was made for them.

No she didnt get the prince, no she didnt have a fucking fish and no she did not Sing!!!

Fuck you Disney.

The third type of fairy tale is in my opinion the most important

These are versions of mythology that have been changed to fit a popular mode.

Snow white and the seven Dwarfs - The descent of Inanna.

Rumplestilskin - The power of the Name of God

Sleeping Beauty - The descent of the soul into the material plane.

The Twelve dancing sisters - Astrological initation myth - The twelve labours of Hercules

Snow white and Rose Red - The Chemical Marriage.

These fairy tales and many more actually mean something to our culture and to our Subconsious mind.

Disney may make princesses that need princes to rescue them, but I want fairy tales that will raise my soul.

Fuck off Disney get your hands of my Soul!!!!

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