A Strange new Land

After a very exciting weekend I am sitting here contemplating the changes I have seen over the last year.

Since I started organising workshops in the area I have been approached by several people to organise some online course material that would be available to people who do not want to do a coven based study.

Well over the weekend in the Occult conference in Glastonbury I was invited to use some of my work in the Visible college online courses

There are slightly different to the ones I use the coven as they do not require commitment to coven work or for that matter in person training, although there will be available weekends for this to be done in Glastonbury.

I am passionate about providing high level training for people who want to learn, tried and tested methods.

I have been teaching in a coven setting for 20 years and organising workshops for the past 2-3 years.

We always have something happening and if you are interested just click on the links to the even pages or go to DragonOak workshops on facebook.

f you would be interested in either my course on practical witchcraft or on any of the other courses offered by the Visible college click on the link below and it will take you to the site.


Interesting Times!

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