Summer is a coming in

Well we are getting there!!

The sun is high in the sky and it has actually been very warm, for those of you that don't live in Wales this is the normal weather

As you can see Sun in Wales is almost like an UFO sighting.

So what are we up to in DragonOak at the moment.

Well the initiates are currently working on developing relationships with plants using the sigils of Charubel. A welsh magician who worked extensively with plants, minerals and metals in ritual form.

This is going well and getting really good results

This will then be followed by a study course on planetary ritual and astrological ritual.

The initiates in DragonOak work on a project basis with initiates working on separate projects and joining in with group projects when they occur.

We are starting our Summer attendance at the local pagan camps and our first one is on June 23rd at Wickedywitch.

This camp has become family to us. We get to see people that we haven't seen all year and get to do workshops, drumming and ritual in different contexts than our usual work.

If you have not attended a pagan camp I would really recommend it.

It is a mix of workshops, fun and spirituality that is really powerful, and the people you meet there will become fast friends.

So hopefully this lovely weather will continue and we will not end up like this

But you know what we are welsh pagans and we are used to it!!

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