And Spring is coming in

I can smell the smell.

You know the one I mean

The one that speaks of life growing through the veil of death.

Of babies being born. Of the growing heat of the sun

My heart quickens to a new more urgent beat.

Life wants OUT!!

In DragonOak we celebrate this time of year by honouring the Maiden Bride.

During our ritual we use a poem This is a very old poem found in its Christianised form in he Carmina Gadelica by Alexander Carmicheal[1900]. This is available on Sacred Texts if you want to see it.

We use this version.

The genealogy of the Holy Maiden Bride

Radiant flame of gold

Bride, daughter of Dougall the Brown

son of Aodh

son of Art

son of Conn

son of Crearar

son of Cis

son of Cormac

son of Carruin

Every day and every night

that I say the Genealogy of Bride,

I shall not be slain,

I shall not be sworded,

I shall not be put in cell,

I shall not be wounded,

I shall not be ravaged,

I shall not be blinded,

I shall not be made naked,

I shall not be left bare,

Nor will the Ancestors

Leave me forgotten.

No fire, no sun, no moon shall burn me.

No loch, no water, no sea shall drown me.

No seed of fairy host shall lift me,

No seed of airy host shall lift me,

Nor earthly being destroy me.

I am under the shielding

of good Bride each day.

I am under the shielding

of good Bride each night.

I am under the keeping of the Triple Bride,

Each early and late

Every dark, every light.

Bride is my comrade-woman,

Bride is my maker of song,

Bride is my helping-woman,

My choicest of women, my guide.

At this time of year we purify ourselves and our temple. We melt down all of last years beeswax candles and make new ones.

We Bless our candles and we also have a special bee blessing which we use to honour the source of our sacred candles.

We spend the day together, making crosses. making candles eating and just spending time together.

Then when all the candles are made we do ritual to honour Bride.

This ritual first purifies the body and soul and then honours all of the growing things including the growing things within ourselves.

Its a time to set Goals, to unleash our own creativity. To stoke the fires of study and to start to feel driven again.

The dark of the sleep is driven away by the light of the candles.

I hope that your own celebrations are wonderful, full of laughter and light and the blessings of company.

May the Light grow both within yourself and within the sky.

I can smell the Smell

That lightness in the air

That driving driven need to rise

From deep within the earth

The maiden Bride rises

Lighting the flame of the spring

She drives forward the lives of the creatures of earth

Singing her song of their birth

Her green girded body, her crown shining bright

The red of her hair flowing free in the night

The song of the birds rises

The trees split the bud

and within me the light emerges

strong and unfettered, my soul taking flight

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