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Working with the Masculine energy

Ritual for the God

Drawing down the Sun

God workshop

Workshop 1 Day

Working with the feminine energies.

Dancing with the Godess.

Drawing down the moon

Godess workshop

1 day workshop

Techniques for establishing contact with the Teacher godesses.

The Liminal Godess Hekate

Cerridwen the great lady of the Cauldron

Lilith the Owl footed one

Ereshkagil, sister of Inanna

Dancing with the Dark Lady


What is Quabbalah

How do I intergrate it into my practise.

Basic Quabbalah


Origins of the middle pillar

Where did the compenents of the ritual come from

How do you practise it

Different forms of the MP

Middle Pillar


A talk on the witches tools

What are tools

Which tool does what

What element are they associated with

How do you make them.

Witchcraft Tools


This workshop discusses the role of myth in magical practise.

Workshop includes.

Basic Myth structure.

Discussion on Myth meanings

Links between Myth and Fairy Tale

Ritual design incorparating Myth.

Myth Drama play

Magic and Myth Workshop

1 Day workshop

An Alchemical descent through the planetary gates.

Workshop includes

Discussion of the Inanna Myth

Vices and virtues of the Gates.

Ritualistic descent.

The Descent of Innana workshop

1 Day workshop

Using magical techniques in the modern world.

Discussion on the ethics of spellwork

techniques to use

Survival Witchcraft talk

Techniques for using magic in a modern world

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What is magic Talk

The history and development of the Middle pillar ritual talk

What is the Esoteric Tarot talk

Circles and that they are for

Protection magic and its uses.

Geomancy for beginners

Astrology for beginners

Basic planetary magic

Sigils, Talismans and their uses

Working with the Moon Talk

What is a witch talk?

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