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Upcoming workshops

Drumming and Chanting workshop - 13th of April 2024

Basic Spell work workshop - Raising energy to power your magical work

Join us for an in-person event at Sardis Road Chapel in Pontypridd. Free parking in Sardis Road Car park after 10am. Lots of trains and right next door to the train station.


We will be demonstrating different ways to raise energy for magical work. Chanting, Singing Drumming and ritual movement.


This workshop is perfect for beginners looking to improve their magicalskills. Immerse yourself in a supportive and interactive environment as we investigate the fundamentals of raising energy.

Tickets from Eventbrite

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Available Workshops - To book Sian for a workshop or talk email  Add DragonOak Magical workshops on Facebook

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Working with Plant Spirits 

Alchemical tinctures


Animism and working with the green people

Plants as Deity


Working with the Tarot

Esoteric Tarot and the symbolism of the tarot

Divination practise

Tarot reading


Drumming, chanting and singing.

Using song in magic

Vowels and planetary magic

Singing your heart out 


Working with Hekate.

Ritual practise

Offerings and building a relationship

Working with the Greek Magical Papyri.

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Basic Western Kabbalah

Origins and Working with the Middle pillar

Planetary and Sephirotic magical practise.

Zodiac Chart

Basic Astrology course

What is Astrology?

The actors on the stage - The Planets

Signs and Houses

Aspects and dignities

Planetary magic.

Ecological paganism

How do we help with the issues around climate change.

Forming relationships with the land.

Water cleaning and healing project.

Fetish and charm workshop.jpg

Basic Magical Work series.

How to Create Ritual

How to cast spells successfully

Poppets and how to use them

Sigils and Astrology

Protection and Defensive spells

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