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Magical Workshops

DragonOak Magical Workshops

DragonOak magical workshops provide opportunities to enjoy weekend workshops with like minded people.  These are informal sessions where you can learn at your own pace about subjects that are challenging as well as interesting.

Regular updates will be found on this page with details of how to book in onto one of the weekends.

DragonOak also has speakers who can come and do workshops or talks about Craft topics.  If you want to book Siany DragonOak or one of our other speakers please contact us via the contact page.

Book a workshop to come to you

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Workshops Gallery

Fetish and charm workshop
Cabbalah and magic workshop
Victoria Musson Corn dolly workshop
Astrology workshop
workshop on herbalism
Sigils and symbols
candlemaking workshop
herbal alchemy
Beltane ritual
Working with the mugwort spirit workshop
Myth and Magic workshop
equinox ritual
Ritual offering
equinox altar
drumming at equinox
Traditional witchcraft talk
Cingulum Making
Cingulum Magic
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