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F.A Q's


Q.  What is witchcraft?

A. In my opinion, and there are many others, witchcraft is a tool.  I believe that you don't actually have to follow a pagan religion to be a witch, in fact there are many very powerful people who are not pagan!  The art of witchcraft is believing that the universe is populated by people of all sorts, some that we see everyday and others that are not visible to the normal spectrum of human vision.  That the universe is malleable, something that can be made to take the shape of a vision that a practitioner has by sympathetic magic and the act of will.  That correspondences between things are solid and workable.  That plants, minerals and magical operations can be used to connect with these spirits and enlist them in your work.  

Q.  What is paganism?

A.  Well now there is a question.  If you ask 8 different pagans what paganism is you will probably get 9 answers.

Again in my opinion, paganism is seeing the universe as a living breathing organism, populated by many many different beings.  Of which we are one.  In my form of paganism ALL life is an emanation of the sacred universe.  Everything has a soul and even the things we make have a right to be treated as living breathing creations of the divine.  Paganism allows for free thought, you don't have to follow in someone else's path, you can forge your own.  You do not have to comply with the current social constructs which value money and possessions above all things.  You do not have to consume.  

Q.  Do you need training or to join a coven to be a pagan?

A. Absolutely not.  Joining a coven or being trained is not something that I would recommend if you are unsure.  

When you join a coven it must be right for both you and the Coven.  A coven is not a club it is not somewhere that has to take everyone and while we try to be as inclusive as we can it is important for the feeling to be right for both parties.

Q. What are the commitments to training with DragonOak Coven.

A.  Training with DragonOak is a very big commitment.  

We hold two student study nights per month.

Full moon rituals are required after completing the probationary training.

4 Mandatory Sabbats per year are required.  Beltane and Solstice tend to be weekend campouts.

Q.  I am 16 can I train in DragonOak.

A.  We only take people over the age of 18 to train, however we are very open to suggesting reading lists and answer honest questions raised by even young seekers.

Q.  I am drawn to the Norse pantheon, can I train in DragonOak.

A.  Yes you can complete the training, understanding that within the initiate coven we follow Hekate and Hermes.  However what form that takes for you in your own personal work is your decision.

Q.  How long does the training take?

A.  This very much depend on the commitment you make to it.

It is extraordinarily rare to complete the training in less than 3 years.

Q.  When do you take students on?

A. Normal applications for training open in August or September.

Q. How many places are available.

A. Normally students are taken on in groups of three, however if a new hive is opening then more places may be available.

Q.  How do I apply?

A.  Send an email to with a description of your experience and why you would like to join our training programme.  This email may be sent at any time of the year.  I will reply and give you further information.

Q.  Are there any open rituals and workshops

A.  All current workshops are open and are on the workshop page.  We are currently running a year of Open ritual in Insole Court in Cardiff.  Tickets are available via the Turning of the wheel facebook page, there is a small cost to pay for the hall.

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