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Studying with DragonOak

Studying with DragonOak

DragonOak coven is currently closed  to students. We will be opening to Students in 2024 so watch this space
We are offering Online training.   This is a full experience of traditional training which will give you a broad expanse of experience in the magical arts.
We are one of the longest serving covens in Wales having been practising for over 28 years.
We have experienced teachers who are waiting to guide you every step of the way
This year we are open to online students as well as physical ones so if you have always wanted to have training in occult or craft practise now is your time. This is ideal for people who are to far away to travel or for disabled people who would like the opportunity to learn.
DragonOak celebrates the Full and Dark moon as a coven , with the dark moon being a worshipful ritual for our patrons Hekate and Hermes, which is open to initates of the group, and the Full moon where we honour the Goddess or God depending on the season and often do magical work. Work may vary from healing magic to job, money, or environmental concerns.

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DragonOak operates an inner court and an outer court of study, the outer court eclectic and deals with the general basic training of the occult practitioner, whereas the inner court is only available after initiation and is more related to traditional witchcraft, hermetics and esoteric studies such as working with Hekate, spell work and Tarot, Esoteric astrology, Alchemy, Angelic and ceremonial ritual techniques. The student lessons give a taster of each of these things but the work after initiation is far more in depth.

DragonOak follows one version of the Wheel of the Year, a myth which attempts to explain seasonal changes. We acknowledge and/or celebrate those seasonal changes at what we refer to as the Four Greater and the Four Lesser Sabbats. These are Samhain, Yule, Candlemas, Spring Equinox, Beltaine, Summer solstice, Lammas, and Autumn Equinox. To DragonOak, the sun is represented by the God, and many of the Sabbat festivals revolve around him and his story.

If you are interested please email


Click Here : To Join the Basic Magical Ritual Course

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