Studying with DragonOak

We have Two options of training available.


Personal training - Training in a Workshop setting, under a personal teacher.


We offer a large menu of magical workshops through our DragonOak Magical workshops page on Facebook.

You can find us here - Click on the Dragon to go to our page.

You can also hire a speaker to come out to you and give a workshop on the topic of your choice.


Online training - Training over distance learning 


This is an option if you want to undertake formal training but cannot find a group near enough to you to commit to or maybe you want to know more about the craft but not commit fully to a coven.

There are currently two courses available.

These are (please click on the course to go to the course site.)

1. Basic Magical Ritual - 7 lessons plus 1 seminar - Cost £40 pounds

2. Basic Astrology course - 7 lessons plus 3 Seminars - Cost £50

More courses will be available in the near future and if you are interested in a particular area of study then please contact me using the form below as we are currently setting up courses for the site.

If you are interested in these courses please click on the Dragon and it will take you to the site.

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