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Well it finally got me. After two years of escaping its clutches I went down with the new surge of CoVid in Wales.

I had to stay home for a week and spent much of it in bed.

I lay there in a rather sweaty state and I began to run through all the changes in my magical world over the last 40 years.

From beginnings where I practised alone to running a thriving group of very different individuals, who have their own way of doing things along with the DragonOak way of doing things.

From being worried about "doing it Right" to not really caring as long as the magic works.

From being Heirarchical in my practise with Gods,Angels and kabbalistic to being animisitc in my practise and then realising that you can have both practises and one does not wipe out the other.

From abiding by rules like the Threefold Law and Harm none to realising that these rules are control mechanisms that stem from a belief that there is a good and a bad way to use magic. That magic for the self is black and magic for others is white. That magic for removal or destruction or binding is evil and magic for growth and increase is good.

From reading a book which tells you how to do something to using my experience to construct my own work.

From valuing others experience over my own to realising that your own experience is the only one that matters.

From dismissing writings that are "Channeled" to realising Its all channelled :)

From fearing change to understanding that change is a necessity for there to be any sort of growth. This includes change in your philosophy, understanding of the world and also the focus of your magic. I am not the same practitioner that I was 10 years ago that doesnt make it better or worse just different.

I wrote this a while back when I was in the midst of some major changes which at the time I felt were not good. But turns out they were essential in the development of both my group and my own magical direction and focus


When your ego says zig and life says fuck that zag bitch.

When you get in your groove and your groove opens into a chasm which has you falling 

Or is it flying 

Depends on how you view it 

Change makes thought 

Thought begets growth

Growth begets new cycles

New cycles begat new learning 

New learning makes for a bigger life 

All hail Eris, maker of change 

Defeater of plans and maker of new ones

Change is a constant in the craft, people may tell you that you need the old ways and yes you do but unless they are in line with your current thoughts, they won’t work. Embrace change in you and in your world.

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  • Writer's pictureSian Sibley

Fantastic day at the Alchemical conference in Glastonbury yesturday.

Heard speakers talking about technical and practical Alchemy. Also a wonderful talk on the aspects of Hekate and Hermes that we dont here much of those involved in the green work. I gave a talk about Plant intelligence which I will expand on in the South Wales occult conference.

Overall a delightful and informative day with lots to think about. Make sure you mark this in your diary for next year.

Now I am off to do some Weeding as my garden has decided that its Go go Grow

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Magic is like a muscle, it needs to be excercised. If you don't practise magic...... not talking about magic, that doesnt count..... practise means just that; getting off your bum at stupid o'clock in the morning to do the magical thing is not unlike going to the gym before work to lift the heavy thing.

The heavy thing you are lifting in magic is the way that you allow your magic to develop and grow.

Reading is great, it educates and opens the mind but nothing beats getting your magical muscles moving.

So the next question is what do we use our magic for?

Well honestly I think you can use it for whatever you deam fit.

No magical moralising here. If you want to do do the work and are willing to take the consequences of that work (note I dont say Karma or Rede both of those things in my opinion are not applicable or helpful in the world of magical practise)

then carry on and get it done.

How do we do the magic

Well find a system that works for you and use it. Thats the jiste of it.

you can use

Astrological magic - appealing to the energies or dieties of the planets

Talismanic magic - the magic of attraction through symbol and sigil

Candle magic - fire magic which releases the energy of your spell into the world

Poppetts, witchbottles, Kameas, spirits, elementals and ancestors the list goes on an on.

What you need?

You, your belief in magic and how it works.

Possibly the help of your patron deity

But mostly its the act of doing it itself that starts the magic rolling.

What is stopping you?

Moralising millions

Thou shalt not?

A worry that your magic will work (bit spoiler here IT WILL)

A lack of actual belief in the magic of the universe.

A fear of looking silly

Failure -

Moralising millions - Ignore them if they dont want to live in a magical world then thats their call. I want to live in a universe of Joy and magic and use my own moral compass not that found in a book or in anothers mind.

Thou Shalt Not? - This is a control mechanism placed upon us by Patriachy and book religions.

Magic will work - Yes it does every time but sometimes not in the way you originally planned - There needs to be a bit of Chaos in the world doesnt there.

A lack of beliefe in magic - This is common amongst actual magical practitioners belief it or not - they like the sound of magic but in the back of their minds is the belief that its not real and all made up in their head - Well so what do it anyway

A fear of looking silly - Dear god Grow up

Failure - We all fail and we get up and try again. Go on do it

Moral of the story

Get out there and work magic for anything and everything you need.

The universe is a plasticine and malleable thing. Shape it to what you want and make it GLORIUS

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