• Sian Sibley

Well here we are on the cusp of Autumn and I have not written in my blog since the spring. Dear god where did the time go.

Time is something of a bugbear of mine, does it exist - no entropy exists but the measurement of that entropy is a very human thing. Other animals are controlled by the seasonal passage but only we Homo Sapiens are the measurers of time. Does it control us - yes and I beleive that the more precisely you measure it the more control you give over to it. Chronos is a terrible maste, if you let him get his hands on your heart. He causes us to worry about time instead of enjoying time. He makes us think we have obligations and does not allow us to realise that there are no obligations other than those you chose. We dont have to go to tescos, we dont have to watch a programme on TV, we can choose to slow down and enjoy the moments in between the breaths.

The other thing about time is that the older you get the faster it goes. I can remember the 6 weeks holiday as a child and they were endless, boring in fact, after all there are only so many times you can watch Champion the Wonderhorse and the Flashing blade before you have to naw off your left leg with the poinlessness of it all. Days were weeks and weeks seemed to stretch into infinity. Albert Einstein was a god!

But now a holiday is almost a teleport device from the friday you finish to the Monday you start again.

My daughter, now 27, has recently left home to live in Cardiff and start her life as a teacher but only 1 day ago she was 5 and on my lap. Where did it go!!!!

This year has been an amazing one for DragonOak and for myself.

The workshops we run have been really sucessful and I think everyone who has attended them has enjoyed. We are closing after September for the year and having a bit of a rest until March of next year where we kick off with Julian Vaynes amazing Shamanic Workshop. And I am very excited that we are having a Camp for Hekate in May at the amazing Lammas earth center in Pembrokeshire. T

his will be a fantastic oppurtunity not only to share our practise but to gain insights into other peoples work.

DragonOak itself has grown and we have enjoyed a really busy year of studying things like working with the plant spirits, astrology, planetary workings, festivals and full moons.

We have had a handfasting in the group which was a wonderful thing to be part of, we have had new students enter into the study programme. and we have spent time together laughing, studying and general making a nuisance of ourselves.

I have spent some time updating the library here so that there is more study material for those who havent got it and am going to try to do that more regularly.

I have spoken in several different conferences on subjects such as Hekate and working with Mugwort and during that time Ihave met some Incredible people.

So Autumn

Well I am at the moment making Jam, but the fruits have been VERY quick coming through this year so I nearly missed them. My grannie would say that the devil pisses on blackberrys if you pick them after Setp 21st but I will warn you that the Divil is pissing early this year!!!

Equinox on the 21st is a wonderful ritual and then its Samhain, bloody hell thats come around quick.

Autumn for me is a time of introspection, its when I look things and think about what I need to get rid of in my life. Its actually a good time for me to start things off as well. Its an academic year thing, a hangover from getting that new satchel in the new school year. Its also a time of Candles and conkers and wet misty days.

One thing we do have to do is fix the temple that we work in. Years of damp and wet winters and summers, well lets face it its Wales have made the roof rot to the point where its is irrepairable so we have booked a builder and are getting it redone. Sadly this means moving all of the accrued temple detritus out so that it does not look too weird for the builder. A good time for a throw out methinks.

So what are you doing this Autumn?

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  • Sian Humphries

I can smell the smell.

You know the one I mean

The one that speaks of life growing through the veil of death.

Of babies being born. Of the growing heat of the sun

My heart quickens to a new more urgent beat.

Life wants OUT!!

In DragonOak we celebrate this time of year by honouring the Maiden Bride.

During our ritual we use a poem This is a very old poem found in its Christianised form in he Carmina Gadelica by Alexander Carmicheal[1900]. This is available on Sacred Texts if you want to see it.

We use this version.

The genealogy of the Holy Maiden Bride

Radiant flame of gold

Bride, daughter of Dougall the Brown

son of Aodh

son of Art

son of Conn

son of Crearar

son of Cis

son of Cormac

son of Carruin

Every day and every night

that I say the Genealogy of Bride,

I shall not be slain,

I shall not be sworded,

I shall not be put in cell,

I shall not be wounded,

I shall not be ravaged,

I shall not be blinded,

I shall not be made naked,

I shall not be left bare,

Nor will the Ancestors

Leave me forgotten.

No fire, no sun, no moon shall burn me.

No loch, no water, no sea shall drown me.

No seed of fairy host shall lift me,

No seed of airy host shall lift me,

Nor earthly being destroy me.

I am under the shielding

of good Bride each day.

I am under the shielding

of good Bride each night.

I am under the keeping of the Triple Bride,

Each early and late

Every dark, every light.

Bride is my comrade-woman,

Bride is my maker of song,

Bride is my helping-woman,

My choicest of women, my guide.

At this time of year we purify ourselves and our temple. We melt down all of last years beeswax candles and make new ones.

We Bless our candles and we also have a special bee blessing which we use to honour the source of our sacred candles.

We spend the day together, making crosses. making candles eating and just spending time together.

Then when all the candles are made we do ritual to honour Bride.

This ritual first purifies the body and soul and then honours all of the growing things including the growing things within ourselves.

Its a time to set Goals, to unleash our own creativity. To stoke the fires of study and to start to feel driven again.

The dark of the sleep is driven away by the light of the candles.

I hope that your own celebrations are wonderful, full of laughter and light and the blessings of company.

May the Light grow both within yourself and within the sky.

I can smell the Smell

That lightness in the air

That driving driven need to rise

From deep within the earth

The maiden Bride rises

Lighting the flame of the spring

She drives forward the lives of the creatures of earth

Singing her song of their birth

Her green girded body, her crown shining bright

The red of her hair flowing free in the night

The song of the birds rises

The trees split the bud

and within me the light emerges

strong and unfettered, my soul taking flight

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  • Siany DragonOak.

One of the things I love about the study of witchcraft is that you end up with a tailored belief system.

The one size fits all ethos that characterised the book religions is no longer valid within the paradigm that we are currently living in.

We now live in a world where the guy on the big white cloud does not apply any more.

We can no longer live in a world where good and evil are determined outside our own responsibility.

The idea that the" Divil" made me do it or we serve God by wiping out our fellow men, natural environments and generally anything we can get our hands on, no longer serves its purpose.

What was its purpose?

Well control of course.

Control of the people by Fear of damnation

The control of the mind by fear of persecution.

The control of the population by reproductive control

The control of woman by religious men.

Lets look at this one by one .

1. Fear of Damnation.

Well First and foremost we are not influenced to the degree that our forbearers were by the fear of Hell.

Most people in the currently secular society and many practising Christians have not read the bible and have no idea what constitutes a damnable sin. Apparently, as demonstrated below, the main understanding of sin is now that Homosexuals are the cause of all the bad in the world.

However there does not seem to be the understanding that Bombing children, and taking healthcare, university educations and the indoctrination of others actually a sin of the worse kind.

Our good friends at Westboro Baptist church

I will leave it to my good friend My Fantasy President to make my point for me.

2. Control of the mind through Fear of Persecution

I believe that this is still in existence but in a different form

The new heresy is intellectualism, I am not being snobbish here but I would define intellectualism as the ability to discern what is real and what is a distraction to do something unspeakable whilst people look at minutia.

Bread and Circus used to be the old term for it.

To have beliefs different to the Norm.

To have researched and investigated said beliefs but still not be in the normal paddock

To not have Celebrity as your religion

To not have consumerism at the heart of your day to day life

To think that what the media and government tells you is not the truth

To care about the environment both externally as a planet and internally as a person.

To care that our children are being poisoned by food, by pollution by Education and by lack of care from parents that are so involved in themselves that they don't see their own offspring as important.

All of these things are Outside the box, which is today not burning or pressing its opponents but instead outbreeding them and pushing them into the fringes of society.

Its ok I like it there I am amongst friends.

3.To control the populous by overpopulation powered by reproductive control

This is a controversial one and I will probably get kicked for it.

We should not have the automatic right to have children. The earth just cant stand the pressure of more of us.

We also have people who, when they do have children they don't care for them and the children end up suffering trauma and attachment syndrome - this is a condition which directly effects the formation of the brain, ending up with symptoms very much akin and often misdiagnosed as Autism.

This is the brain of a grown person who has trauma and attachment syndrome, look at the malformed parts of the brain, these are the areas associated with emotional control.

Surely if you have made the decision to use drugs and I am not saying that is a bad decision it is purely YOUR decision then you should not have children.

3. The control of Women by religious Men

In the West we are under the impression that woman are equal to men. Quite obviously this is still untrue

We have the current administration of America taking away women's reproductive rights, both in their right to have an abortion and the right to use contraception.

This is a picture of the American committee on Women's Rights - Notice something?

When they debated Planned parenthood in several states, the following protests happened

Click the picture for the original article

What can we do ?

We can resist.

We can protest

We can gather in groups and have intellectual conversation rather than concentrating on the bread and circus supplied by the media.

We can support each other on a daily basis to live the life that WE want rather than the one that those in power wants us to have .

We can celebrate our differences as strengths rather than weaknesses

We can LOVE without prejudice or as close as we can get.

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